SUGARING Hair Removal



Sugaring is an all natural ancient art of hair removal. Sugaring is done with a sugar paste that is made of sugar, water and lemon.  The sugar paste is all natural, and considered a “greener” method of epilation since we do not use strips or spatulas to put it on and take it off creating less waste.

WHY IS SUGARING BETTER?  The sugar is applied at body temperature and is not HOT. It is removed with the direction of the hair growth, unlike traditional waxing, for a cleaner removal with less breakage and is typically a less painful way to remove hair. The hair can be as short as 1/16th of an inch (about one to two week grow out after shaving, depending on the speed at which your hair grows).  The women in Egypt call this type of hair removal “HALAWA”.
Add-On Hydro Jelly Masque
Getting your lashes done or sugaring and want a little extra pampering? Add-on an incredible hydro jelly masque to your face or (down under - helps with ingrowns)  for extra deep cleansing, hydration and rejuvenation and leave feeling like royalty! (Includes cleanse and masque.) -$25
Add-On Express Facial
Getting another service done, (such as lash extensions or sugaring)? Why not spend a little extra time on yourself today, you deserve it! Clarifying, deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, skin analysis, LED light therapy and hydro jelly masque. 45 min. - $69
Prices: (females only)
Brazilian (5 weeks or more)   $65
Brazilian Maintenance   $55 
Thighs    $25 & up
Half Leg   $45
Full Leg   $70 & up 
Tummy Trail (add-on only)   $10
Under Arms (add-on only)   $25
Half Arm    $45
Full Arm    $55
Hands (add-on only)   $15
Toes  (add-on only)     $5
Brow Design/Maintenance  (add-on only)    $29 - $22
Men's Prices
Back    $60 
Chest    $60
Full Leg   $80 & up
Half Leg   $60 & up
Shoulders  (add-on only)    $10
Brows (add-on only)    $19
Brow Tint  (add-on only)   $20
Lash Tint   $35
Lash Tint w/Extensions   $40